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Charlene Burke and Gail Brisco are two digital marketers, who together with their associates make up the IM for Real People Team.   They are two internet marketers within different niches who came together to give you the benefit of the internet marketing lessons they've learned over the years.

Charlene began working in the digital marketing arena in 2008. She founded Search by Burke (SBB) as a business research and full service online marketing agency, then changed direction for SBB to offer research, writing, and group facilitation services. Her background in marketing and engineering helps her and her clients to be process and results focused. From teaching digital marketing to doing it for others, her knowledge and experience will help you understand the practical application of online marketing tactics while helping you to stay focused on doing only the important things for your business. 

From 2008 - 2016, she taught digital marketing and WordPress website creation to thousands of individuals via in person workshops, webinars, and virtual individual sessions. She was the Online Marketing/SEO Advisor for the Indiana Small Business Development Center, taught Social Media night classes at a local university, was a guest speaker and presenter for local universities and business conferences, and worked closely with solo business owners to get them online and making money. She has managed her own niche websites focused on revenue from affiliate marketing and currently focuses her attention on writing and productivity coaching in small groups. She can help you understand the practical application of online marketing tactics while helping you to stay focused on doing only the important things for your business. 

Gail began working in the digital marketing arena in 2015.  She founded The Positively Practical Network (PPN).  PPN helps ordinary people like you, make their everyday lives better.  PPN helps people by providing information and resources in such areas as:  

  1. making a living online. 
  2. improving your health and fitness
  3. building up your marketing savviness
  4. having a less stressful life by helping you be more organized and improving your time management skills
  5. helping you be more prepared for the emergencies that life throws our way.  

The PPN Network wants to make people's lives,  Positive in a Practical Manner

In 2000,  Gail was forced to go on on permanent disability because of an autoimmune disease called Lupus, her household was suddenly forced to learn to live on one salary in the very high cost of living area of Los Angeles. With two very active school aged children in private school, and mounting medical bills, her family had to maximize every dollar that entered the household. Through the years they learned many helpful and efficient financial tips and tricks to make their dollars go the distance. Even with only one salary, they still managed to send their children to private schools and private colleges. They have a nicely decorated home that they own, take a couple of vacations each year and still have money in the bank. As the years went by, many of their friends encouraged them to share how they had been able to live comfortably on just one salary in such a high cost of living area. Thus was born the PPN network of sites that they run. 

The IM for Real support team is composed of our amazing associates.  Behind the scenes, they insure our systems are running smoothly and contribute to the providing amazing content for our websites.  





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